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DrHybrid Global is the Number 1 Hybrid Battery in the Asian market.

Our fully refurbished hybrid batteries are manufactured using genuine parts imported directly from Japan. The manufacturing process uses state-of-the-art testing & reinvigorating technology from the United States.

All of our hybrid batteries have a 1 year (battery-to-battery replacement) warranty*.

We have hybrid batteries for the following vehicle models:

  • Toyota

    • Prius (2nd Generation) 2004-2009​

    • Prius (3rd Generation) 2004--

    • Aqua/Prius C

    • Voxy/Noah/Esquire

    • Camry 

    • Fielder

    • Alpha

  • Honda​

    • Civic FD3​

    • Insight 

    • Fit GP1-GP5

    • Vezel

Enjoy a significant improvement in your vehicle's fuel efficiency and running performance with a DrHybrid Global hybrid battery*.

For further information and quotations, please contact us via email on or via Whatsapp on +94766476418.


*Terms & Conditions Apply.

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