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  • What is Hybrid Battery Conditioning?
    Your vehicle's gearbox requires an Auto Transmission Fluid change every 40,000km; the engine requires an oil change every 5,000/10,000km. Similalry, NiMH conditioning is the regular preventative maintenance required to prolong the life of your hybrid battery.
  • What happens when I condition my hybrid battery?
    During the day-to-day use of your vehicle, crystals/voltage depressions form within the battery's cells and the cells start to fall out of sync with each other. Therefore the overall capacity of the battery pack falls. The conditioning process involves our expert technicians installing the battery pack into our specialist equipment. These machines have been imported from the United States exclusivley for DrHybrid. The software in the machine laboriously anayses data from each battery module and uses this information to carefully break down the crystal formations/voltage depressions in order to restore battery capacity.
  • Can conditioning be used on already failed hybrid batteries?
    Yes, it can. Each module of the hybrid battery undergoes thorough testing in our fully equipped laboratory. The modules undergo conditions similar to a 140km drive through uphill, downhill, heavy traffic and highway roads. Through computerized monitoring over a 36-hour period, the weak modules are identified. Although a common practice in Sri Lanka, simply replacing the modules is not very successful. This is because, soon, the modules that were not replaced will start to fail. Therefore the most successful solution is to condition the battery which ensures that all of the modules get a health treatment and the battery's capacity could be restored.
  • Do I get a warranty if I condition my hybrid battery?
    Of course. We give a 1.5 year (18 month) warranty for hybrid batteries that have undergone a Hybrid Battery Conditioning Treatment for the first time. This warranty can thereafter be extended through further rounds of NiMH Conditioning Treatments.
  • Do you have a mobile service?
    Yes we do. Our trained technicians can come to your house or workplace at a time convenient to you in order to do the battery replacement.
  • Who could I contact for further info?
    Pls call/text 0766476418.
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