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Episode 2: 

A Guide to Buying a Hybrid Battery in Sri Lanka

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Video Summary:

Here are a few tips that we recommend you follow when buying a used/brand new hybrid battery.

  1. Make sure that the serial number sticker on the cover of the hybrid battery has not been removed.

  2. Using a volt meter make sure that the voltage of each module is above 7v and that the difference between any two modules does not exceed 0.04v. This should be done by a trained technician.

  3. Make sure that the warranty of the battery includes at least 3-5 days for you to test the battery in your vehicle. This will allow you to get a refund or battery-to-battery replacement in case the new battery fails.

  4. If you are purchasing a brand new battery, make sure that the battery is in the original and genuine packaging.

  5. It is perfectly fine to buy a used hybrid battery. However, make sure that: the battery has a low mileage, was previously used in Japan (not locally) and that you get a warranty from an established and reputed organisation.

  6. AGAIN. Hybrid batteries are not cheap. Make sure that you get a warranty card for your battery from a reputed and established company.


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