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Anti-lock Braking Sytem (ABS)

Issues with your vehicle's Anti-lock Braking System is common, especially if you regularly drive in heavy traffic.

Symptoms of weakening/weak ABS components mainly include:

  • ​Dashboard light illuminating;

  • The brake pedal feels hard;

  • The wheels only stop after you have significantly depressed the brake pedal;

  • You hear a continuous air hissing (leaking) sound from behind the steering wheel when you hold down the brake pedal

During emergency or hard braking, it is the ABS that helps to ensure that your vehicle does not skid to the side, topple, slip, etc. Therefore, issues related to your vehicle's ABS should be attended to at the earliest.



Here at DrHybrid (By The Kandy Tyre House), we provide a range of solutions for your vehicle's ABS issues with an unbeatable warranty and easy payment plans.


All the related repairs, services, air bleeding and etc. are done using original  equipment and scanners.

For more information, please call/text us on 076-647-641-8.

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